As an artist I’m always in search of something that usually turns to inspiration later down the road. I don’t consider myself a photographer but I do love photography. The beginning of most of my artwork begins with a photograph. This is why I’m always increasing my collection of photographs to work from. I only work from my photographs, I do not cheat using other people’s photographs or Google.

Sololá-34-1Just a glimpse of Panajachel, Guatemala

At this moment in my life, studio and art career I’m only working on one project and that is a special series. Without giving you too much detail it has to do with me. So naturally I had to brainstorm, rummage through my photograph collection and when that wasn’t enough, I set out on a research trip. Where to you ask, to the place where it all began for me, Guatemala.

I didn’t know what I was looking for, I just knew that when I saw it I would know. That’s how it usually works with my photography. I try my best not to delete photos anymore. I’ve had to invest in a large memory card because of this and that I work with photographs in RAW format. This allows me to play with my photographs later without any worries. Again I’m not a photographer but I’ve picked up a thing or two along the way. I try not to delete photos because while one photograph may not inspire me at the moment, it could... READ MORE

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