Dear ABLA community I am excited to announce that our (my husband and I) long held dream of opening up a combined coffee bar and art gallery, will soon become a reality. A dream that started with this community of women so many years ago is finally coming to pass! Tertulia Coffee and Sanchez Contemporary will soon open in the Uptown District in Oakland at 1951 Telegraph Avenue, right at the corner of 20th and Telegraph, directly across the street from the old Capwell's building and future headquarters of Uber. We are partnering with Stumptown Coffee Roasters out of Portland and our commercial art gallery will feature work by some of our favorite Latin@ artists.

We will keep you posted as we get closer to the grand opening in the Spring. In case you're wondering about the name's a Spanish word that means a gathering of confidants, who share poetic musings, discuss current affairs, share art and songs while enjoying savory treats. Here are a few architectural renderings of the new space. You can follow the progress as we build out the space on our FB page for Tertulia Coffee.

Abrazos, Maria Sanchez

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