Roberto Clemente Artwork by Angie Villegas

Roberto Clemente drawing from  my daily drawings !

In 2010 I started a goal to create a drawing a day for one year.  Most of them where drawn with pen only on watercolor paper or drawing paper.  I chose a little more than  a half of dozen of them to make into ACEO  collector cards.

In the picture above you see the original drawing of Roberto Clemente and the ACEO card .  The ACEO  card is a baseball card size that was printed with Epson ink and each painted with professional watercolors. The one above is number 2 of 3.

I chose the drawings of Roberto Clemente, Michael Jordan, Ty Cobb, and a few others to create the ACEO Cards from.

I would say that there are about fifty total drawing from  that year that came out decent the others are filed away.

I would love to do this again a drawing a day!

I currently have a series of painting of this baseball legend Roberto Clemente.


If you are interested in the Roberto Clemente ACEO card it is in my Etsy store just click here!

If you are interested in the original drawing contact me thru my email. Click here

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