I am so sorry that I have not been able to introduce myself to everyone in here. I have been so busy so I thought I would give you a few details as to who I am so you could get to know me as a person.

1. I am a Soprano and have been singing in Choir since I was little

2. I love to perform, act, sing etc. in Musicals and Plays

3. I love Supporting my fellow artist and attending their showings, events, etc.

4. I adore Lila Downs and her Artistry in Song

5. I love to play castanetes (still learning)

6. I am a Poet and Creative Writer ( You can find my three line Prose Online in google)

7. I Love History and visiting Historic Sites

8. I adore La Puebla at Olvera Street

9. I love custom made Leather stamped Jewelry by Armando Murillo also on Olvera Street 213-309-2255

10. I was raised in East Los angeles and my Espanol is very bad :(Well I hope this give you some insight xoxox Julieanna Trejo

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